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Did you know you can have your coffee and enjoy a little dessert at the same time? With Sip Coffee, the answer is yes. Event Guide Part of an ongoing campaign to create a more inclusive and equitable campus climate, the Office of Multicultural Affairs will sponsor a film screening of the feature documentary, "American History X." At 6 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20, in Barnard Chapel, 422 7th Ave. S.E., the AMSA/DRS student organization and the Office of Multicultural Affairs will present a documentary about the rise and fall of the violent white power skinhead movement in America. AMSA members will use this opportunity to educate about their organization, share recruitment and training materials, and promote their recruitment activities. Advertisement The event will be co-hosted by Charles Wright, AMSA/DRS social work and global studies chair; and Maria Domenici, AMSA/DRS public service, business and law chair. AMSA members from across the campus and surrounding areas, as well as members from the local community, attended the workshop. AMSA/DRS members listened to presentations, participated in group activities, and wrote up presentation ideas, including attending the event as guests, according to Domenici. "AMSA/DRS members are dedicated to understanding the challenges and challenges that this group of young men are facing," Domenici said. Guests could view the documentary on the big screen or get a copy of the DVD at the reception following the film, Domenici added. Sylvia Falcao, a student member of AMSA/DRS, and Xochitl Vazquez, a member of the local community, attended the workshop. Vazquez is a domestic partner of a student in AMSA/DRS and lives on campus with her partner. Falcao, a professional school counselor, teaches life skills to at-risk high school youth through an organization called Healthy Corner. "I think it is very important to teach the kids about the history of the white power movement," said Falcao. "It is something that a lot of people don't know about." During the workshop, AMSA/DRS members listened to presentations on the history of white power skinheads, the impact of the movement on the communities where it started, and what their mission is. They also participated in a short exercise to help them make sense




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Deep Freeze Standard Crack (Latest)

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